The Greek DJ and Producer HEAVYPINS is travelling to Cairo in Egypt on this Friday,at Cairo Jazz Club!

The Greek DJ and Producer HEAVYPINS is travelling to Cairo in Egypt on this Friday,at Cairo Jazz Club!

Born in Toronto, Canada on September 5, 1987, Jim moved to Patra, Greece at the age of 13. He started his career as a DJ when he was 14 years old working in area clubs. He hosted his own radio show at a well known Patra dance music radio station, Energy radio at 16. He received immediate attention in various dance clubs and quickly gained support from people. Jim covers various styles with a focus on Deep House, Nu-Disco & G House. His mission is to expand the musical landscape of the city while entertaining patrons and creating a balance between underground innovation and mainstream excitement.

After many years of success Jim decided to move a step forward and started the musical production company, Heavy Pins, producing his own music, releasing his own sounds, original tracks and remixes of famous artists. During this period he was significant in developing the Nu-Disco, G House style. He signed his music in TOOLROOM Records one of the biggest record Labels in the world, as well as Bunny Tiger, LouLou, Sleazy G, Sleazy Deep, King Street, Spirit Soul Records, Go Deeva etc. Most of his releases hit the top 100 Beatport Charts all over the world and are played by big artists worldwide. Jim has also collaborated with a lot of famous producers such as Sharam Jey, Kolombo, Saccao, Daniel Fernandes, Thee Cool Cats, Haze-M etc. Last but not least he has worked with famous Nu-Disco, Deep House singers such as Lostcause, Terry Shand etc.

When not performing, He spends his time in the studio creating his own music. Jim has had a a lot of time to develop his sounds. For him, Its all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove…playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realising it regardless of genre, style, or release date. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing…


March 28th, 2018

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